Water Production Unit

The WFI used in production is prepared daily at COOPER SA through distillation of deionized water (purified water produced by Reverse Osmosis - RO).

Deionized water (purified water) produced by RO, is used to supply the production system with distilled water.

The quality of water produced is monitored daily by the Quality Control Department. Distilled water which does not meet specifications is automatically rejected.

Supply to the system is not always sufficient for production operations (Qf~ 4 m3/h). The installation is automatically sterilized when not in operation for any extended period of time, and before operation is restarted, e.g. following holiday periods.

It should be noted that the production of Water for Injections (WFI) in this way (carbon bed-softener-RO-multiple distillation) is in compliance with the requirements of the European Pharmaceutical Industry.