Sterile Rooms

In 1977, COOPER SA, using its extensive technical expertise and skilled scientific staff, created a sterile chamber complex with multiple Class A/B chambers. Sterile chambers meet the latest requirements for manufacture of sterile products in the form of liquid injectables in vials and ampoules.

The production output of the sterile facilities is supported by two fully-equipped class C preparation rooms which contain: washing machine for vials, production plant for water for injection, two Class A dry two-door sterilizing ovens, two liquid two-door sterilizing ovens fed by a clean steam generator, a device for optical control of liquids, injectables and TOC testing device for distilled water, a vial filling machine and an ampoule filling machine.

The sterile production areas of the plant are:

  1. A sterile area for the production of liquid large volume parenteral solutions
  2. A sterile area for the production of liquid small volume parenteral solutions and sterile ophthalmic solutions
  3. A sterile area for the production of dry penicillin-containing injectables and eye drops
  4. Clean areas for manufacturing liquid oral solutions and solutions for enemas

State-of-the-art facilities, expert staff, and the strict observance of all manufacturing and sanitary standards are a guarantee of the ideal result.