Management Message

The Pharmaceutical Company COOPER S.A. was founded in 1936 and has had a continued presence in the pharmaceutical Greek pharmaceutical market up to the present day.

This presence has been a notable one, making an indelible mark with both its innovative techniques in the production of parenteral solutions, injectable antibiotics, classic and unique Hospital drugs and its well known tried and tested full range of ophthalmic products, and its equally important partnerships with recognized Companies abroad.

It has faced all the difficulties it has encountered on its path with great success, as indicated by its ongoing presence over the years.

Today the fully Greek-owned company, established with a new equity and administrative structure in 2006, looks forward to the future with optimism, ready to face the challenges of the present. Its aim is to establish itself as a dynamic pharmaceutical production unit, whilst developing partnerships with major companies abroad in the fields of both pharmaceutical medicine and medical devices.

Flexibility - Speed - Adaptability. Incorporation of both new technologies and new management methods, the integration of quality standards and quality control systems in its production processes and other organisational activities, as well as maximized utilization of the substantial capital funds available to it combined with its human resource development, all lead towards growth and its establishment as a major force in its field.

The commitment of Management to the Company's dynamic growth and implementation of its quality objectives are the cornerstone of progress today and tomorrow. The strategic course which COOPER SA has set is based on effective service of the needs of the Medical community and Greek patient care.