What are the eye drops?

Eye drops are each drug used in ophthalmology for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes in different eye diseases or as lubricant or tear substitute, in suitable form.

They have one or more active ingredients (usually sterile solutions)

What is the way to use eye drops?

The procedure to follow is:

a. Hand wash
b. Break the screw cap
c. With one hand lower the lower lid of the eye for the instillation
d. With little pressure in the ampoule drop one (or more if needed) drops in the lower eyelid
e. Try to keep the eye open for 30 seconds without blinking your eyelids
f. Caution: Do not touch the open mouth of the bottle to any surface or in the eye.

What influences the penetration of eye drops in the eye?

- The physicochemical properties of the active ingredient and excipients
- The tear film where the first contact is made with mixing / dilution for some time
- The permeability of the cornea, conjunctiva and hard
- The movement of the eyelids
- The state of lacrimal drainage pathway

What are the active ingredients of eye drops?

Substances acting against ocular infections. Select appropriate antimicrobial for topical use depends on the cause of bacterial infection.

Substances that act on multiple occasions inflammation. Inhibit inflammatory reaction due to mechanical, chemical and immunological causes.

Nartio cromoglycate which stabilizing mast cells degranulation prevents their antigens and the onset of an allergic reaction. Precaution against allergies.

What is a cataract?

Cataract is a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. It cannot be prevented or cured with medications. It is a very common condition and usually occurs with ageing. Sometimes, it can be caused by injury, disease or certain medications. In a few cases a child may be born with cataract (congenital cataract).

What are the main symptoms of cataract?

The main symptoms of cataract are:

- Reduced distant or near vision
- Glare and reflection around some objects (rays when viewing car lights during nighttime driving)
- Impaired color perception

When should a cataract be treated with surgery?

The surgery can be decided when the cataract begins to cause vision impairment resulting in problems with everyday activities of individuals (safe driving, reading). When to do the surgery is based on symptoms and on the advice of an ophthalmologist. It is no longer true that cataracts need to be "mature" to be removed.

Do computers harm the eyes?

There is no reliable scientific evidence that computer screens are hazardous to the eyes. Extensive experiments showed that monitors, when operating normally emit small and harmless amount of ionizing radiation (as X-rays) or non-ionizing radiation (such as ultraviolet rays). The amount of radiation emitted by screens is much lower to that needed to produce cataract or other damage to the eyes even if exposed thereto for a lifetime.

How do we treat eyes allergy?

Cold compresses and washing the eyes with plenty of cold water from the tap can relieve symptoms and this is one simple way of dealing with the first symptoms. Also, artificial tears, especially if kept in the fridge, can be used fearlessly and frequently for rinsing the eyes of the allergens, protecting the cornea and relieving the symptoms of foreign body sensation and cooling of the conjunctiva. Finally, medication is the primary treatment of ocular allergy.