Fabrication Activities

COOPER SA has all the necessary facilities at its disposal in order to ensure optimal production conditions in strict accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Guidelines.
The National Organization for Medicines (NOM) has granted COOPER SA license to produce of pharmaceutical products for human use having established that its manufacturing facilities meet all relevant legal requirements (national and European).
NOM regularly inspects all production, packaging, quality control, warehousing and distribution operations of the company in accordance with European legislation.

The production stages of COOPER SA products, in accordance with good manufacturing practices, are the following:

  • Purchase of raw ingredients
  • Purchase of packaging materials
  • Production
  • Quality control for release
  • Warehouse storage
  • Controls and tests pertaining to the previous stages

The activities of our production in detail are as follows:

Sterile Products:
1. Liquid pharmacotechnical forms (large volume parenteral solutions):
i) sterilized with the completion of the process
2. Liquid pharmacotechnical forms (small volume parenteral solutions):
i) Aseptically manufactured
ii) sterilized upon completion of the process with a final sterilization
iii) Sterile ophthalmic solutions
3. Solid pharmacotecnhical forms
i) Dry injectable penicillin-containing
i) Dry eye drops penicillin-containing

Non-sterile products:
1. Liquid pharmacotechnical forms (oral solutions, enema)

Formulation of medicines COOPER SA:

  1. Ocular use
  2. Nasal use:
  3. Rectal use:
  4. Parenteral use
  5. Liquid oral solutions